Is your web site, information, communications and engagement reaching everyone?

To be certain of this you need to know how your audiences perceive your communications and organisation.

Our unique "real world" testing, consulting and training let you know how real people engage with your communications, your organisation and how to change.

If you want to move from accessibility and inclusion as ad hoc add-ons to business as usual, contact us to find out how.

Latest News

Digitising the Divide. Who's in, Who's out

AccEase's Robyn Hunt is teaming up with Arts Access Aotearoa Chief Executive Richard Benge to present at the National Digital Forum (NDF) Conference in November.  Disabled people encounter barriers when accessing digital elements in the GLAM space. We will explore just a few of the opportunities for change with examples. What needs to change to include everyone?

Kerb cut showing textured surface

Kerb cuts help wheelchair users (and also prams, shopping trolleys, wheeled luggage.  The brightly coloured textured surface indicate where it's safe to stand and can be detected by touch.