Is your web site, information, communications and engagement reaching everyone?

To be certain of this you need to know how your audiences perceive your communications and organisation.

Our unique "real world" testing, consulting and training let you know how real people engage with your communications, your organisation and how to change.

If you want to move from accessibility and inclusion as ad hoc add-ons to business as usual, contact us to find out how.

Latest News

"Real World" testing and new team members

Three months into 2015 and we are already looking towards June in our work schedule. Talk to us soon if you need accessibility advice, testing or training in the next few months.

We are working on some exciting projects with new and regular clients.  Loomio is already internationally well-known for their collaborative decision making web site, and we are delighted to be working with them on their accessibility.

We have also recruited some new testers to work with us on our real world testing. Welcome to the team!

As we all plunge into our accessibility work it is worthwhile to remind ourselves of some important and unchanging accessibility truths. Accessibility is not only about the technology. It is all about the people, the designers, the builders,  the site owners, the content creators, and most importantly, the people who visit and use the site.

Traffic light crossing - large button and arrow

The button is large - easily seen and found:it vibrates. The large arrow includes Braille. The button/arrow are set at a height that it can be operated from a wheelchair - helpful to children too.